Auxilio Education Loans

Auxilio Education Loans For Abroad Study in Hyderabad

Auxilo Finserve Private Limited is an Indian non – banking financial company (NBFC) that focuses on providing education loans to students pursuing higher education in India and Abroad.

Why Choose Auxilio Education Loans?

Student Loans

Auxilo primarily offers student loans to eligible students. Loan can be used to cover various educational expenses, including tuition, books, housing and other related costs.

Loan Amounts

The maximum loan amount available depends on factors such as the student’s credit history, the cost of attendance, and other financial aid received. The loan amount generally falls within this range of Rs. 4 Lakhs to Rs. 65 Lakhs.

Rewards for Good Grades

Auxilo may provide benefits, such as an interest rate reduction and processing fee, for borrowers who achieve good grades during their academic studies.

Rate of Interest

The Rate of Interest in between 11.50% to 13.50%

Auxilo offers advantages when utilizing Grads Gateway to apply for an education loan

How to Apply


Online Application

Start your journey by filling out our simple online application form.


Document Submission

Provide the necessary documents, and our team will guide you through the submission process.


Approval Process

Once your application is complete, we strive to process it quickly, providing you with a timely response.


Loan Disbursement

Upon approval, funds will be disbursed efficiently, allowing you to focus on your education with peace of mind.

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