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Best job placement providers For Abroad Study in Hyderabad

Simplify your financial journey overseas. Grads Gateway assists you in opening a bank account, ensuring easy access to your funds and hassle-free transactions while studying abroad.

Your educational journey goes beyond simply gaining knowledge; it serves as a pathway to a fulfilling career. Discover the remarkable connection between education loans and job placement services, which empower you to transform your academic accomplishments into prosperous professional achievements.

Key Features

Strategic Career Counseling

Receive personalized career counseling services that help align your skills and aspirations with industry demands. Our dedicated career advisors will guide you in making informed decisions about your professional journey.

Exclusive Industry Partnerships

Take advantage of our extensive network of industry partners and employers actively seeking skilled graduates. We collaborate with leading companies to connect you with exciting job opportunities upon graduation.

Internship and Work-Study Programs

Utilize our partnerships to secure internships and work-study programs during your academic tenure. Gain practical experience, enhance your resume, and improve your employability in your chosen field.

Resume Building Workshops

Refine your resume through specialized workshops. Learn how to effectively showcase your academic achievements, skills, and experiences, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers.

Job Fairs and Recruitment Drives

Participate in exclusive job fairs and recruitment drives organized specifically for our education loan recipients. Connect directly with recruiters seeking top talent, giving yourself a competitive advantage in the job market.

How It Works


Apply for an Education Loan

Start by applying for an education loan tailored to your academic needs and financial requirements.


Access Career Services

Once your education loan is approved, gain access to our comprehensive career services. Schedule appointments with career counselors, attend workshops, and explore internship opportunities.


Engage in Industry Events

Engage in industry events, job fairs, and recruitment drives organized exclusively for education loan recipients. Network with professionals and showcase your skills to potential employers.


Secure Internships and Work-Study Opportunities

Secure internships and work-study opportunities through our partnerships that align with your career goals. Gain practical experience and establish a solid foundation for your future career.

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