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Best Sim Card Service Providers For Abroad in Hyderabad

Stay connected wherever you go. Grads Gateway offers convenient SIM card services, ensuring seamless communication with family and friends during your international studies.

Transform your connectivity experience with Simcards specifically designed based on insights from an Educational Survey. By acknowledging the distinct needs of students and educational institutions, these groundbreaking Simcards guarantee to revolutionize communication, accessibility, and collaboration within the academic community, introducing a whole new level of interaction.

Key Features

Educational Data Packages

Customized data packages created based on survey insights. Access exclusive data offers optimized for research, virtual learning, and academic collaboration.

Collaborative Learning Hotspots

Turn any location into an interactive learning hub. Simcards prioritize connectivity in educational areas, providing reliable hotspots for collaborative learning.

Student-Friendly Pricing

Budget-friendly plans designed with students in mind. Enjoy competitive rates and special discounts exclusively for students, making connectivity more accessible.

Parental Controls for Student Safety

Empower parents with enhanced control features. Monitor and manage usage to ensure a secure online environment for students.

Institutional Collaboration Channels

Specialized channels for educational institutions to foster communication. Share updates, announcements, and facilitate seamless interaction between educators, students, and parents.

How to Access


Participate in the Educational Survey

Shape the future of educational connectivity by taking part in our ongoing Educational Survey.


Receive Tailored Simcard Offers

After completing the survey, receive exclusive Simcard offers based on the gathered insights, ensuring your connectivity needs align with your educational requirements.


Purchase and Activate

Choose the Simcard package that suits your needs and enjoy instant activation for uninterrupted connectivity.


Stay Connected with Educational Communities

Engage with fellow students, educators, and institutions through dedicated channels, creating a vibrant and connected educational community.

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